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Yellofruit™ - Eddy's Favourite Chocolate

Yellofruit™ - Eddy's Favourite Chocolate

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Yellofruit - Eddy's Favourite Chocolate - 500mL


*Now Available At: FreshCo., Nations Fresh Foods, Summerhill Market, Battaglia's Marketplace, Organic Garage, Fortinos, Loblaws, Zehrs, Atlantic Superstore, Provigo, Highland Farms, and Foodland 

Yellofruit is a non-dairy frozen banana dessert made from Organic 100% plant-based ingredients in our Canadian peanut-free facility. 

Using sustainably sourced Organic Cocoa and Organic Banana, as well as other delicious ingredients, Eddy's Favourite Chocolate is a rich and decadent alternative to traditional chocolate ice creams or other frozen desserts.  People tell us they love that Eddy's Favourite Chocolate because it reminds them of their Grandma's Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.  That's because the combination of rich cocoa and LOTS of banana makes this a great combination.    

We use organic coconut oil, organic pea protein, and Organic cane sugar to make our frozen banana dessert a little better for you, and a little better for the environment, while always tasting great!  Eddy is a real person, and this is HIS favourite. 

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