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TURTLES Original Everyday Giftbox 150g

TURTLES Original Everyday Giftbox 150g

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Canadians just love the irresistible, delicious taste of NESTLÉ® TURTLES®.

The tradition of sharing a box of these NESTLÉ® TURTLES® Classic Chocolate Recipe Gift Box (150 g) continues with this specially designed gift box, packed full of individually-wrapped TURTLES® – perfect for giving to that

special someone. There’s no denying that classic recipe of rich milk chocolate, smooth caramel, and pecan pieces.

The slow pull of creamy caramel and the crunch of pecans is nothing less than pure delight.

Maybe if you’re lucky, the person you gift this to will share a piece back, and have you saying, “Mmm… I love TURTLES®!”.

Offer available in limited quantities.

Offer Timing
Item must be purchased and receipt must be uploaded between Thursday, October 24, 2019 and Wednesday, January 1, 2020. Video and/or survey must also be completed during this timeframe. Offers available in limited quantities.