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Get 1 month free and earn cash back on Caddle when you subscribe to hayu!

hayu has over 200 reality TV shows with over 6,000 episodes - download and watch on the go so you can binge on series from the beginning.

Step 1) Click HERE and sign-up for hayu - you must subscribe through this link!

Step 2) Upload your "welcome email" to Caddle as proof of subscription. The upload of the "welcome email" must visibly display your email address assoicated with hayu. [NOTE: "welcome email" could take up to 5 hours to arrive in your inbox]

Step 3) Earn $5 cash back and enjoy the reality TV you love on demand!

Offers available in limited quantities. 

Offer Timing
Item must be purchased and receipt must be uploaded between Wednesday, October 3, 2018 and Tuesday, December 31, 2019. Video and/or survey must also be completed during this timeframe. Offers available in limited quantities.