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Enfagrow A+® Toddler Nutritional Drink

Enfagrow A+® Toddler Nutritional Drink

RTD 6-Pack 237ml or Powder 680g - Any Flavour

Offer Details

Enfagrow A+ is an everyday toddler nutritional drink that has DHA, an important building block of the brain.

This vanilla- or milk-flavoured toddler drink is an easy addition to your toddler’s diet, and can be served with a meal or as a nutritious snack.

Products available for redemption:

1. Powder Milk (680g)

2. Powder Vanilla (680g)

3. RTD 6-Pack Milk (237ml)

4. RTD 6-Pack Vanilla (237ml)

Offer available in limited quantities.

Offer Timing
Item must be purchased and receipt must be uploaded between Thursday, October 24, 2019 and Thursday, April 30, 2020. Video and/or survey must also be completed during this timeframe. Offers available in limited quantities.