Frequently Asked Questions

Caddle is a FREE and SECURE data insights platform that helps you earn rewards (and real cash back) by answering surveys, watching ads, writing reviews & engaging with brands you know and love! But that's not all - you can also earn valuable rebates from your favourite brands simply by uploading your receipts after your purchase. No muss, no fuss, it's easy!

On the Offers Page (the main screen!) of the app you can see a list of all of the offers (surveys, reviews, coupons and more) currently available on the platform. Upon clicking on any given offer you will be brought to a screen outlining the requirements and details of the offer. Clicking the red button on the bottom of the page will allow you to begin a Survey, write a Review or make a submission to a Coupon offer. For Surveys, read each question carefully and answer as truthfully as possible. For Reviews, please give honest feedback on the related product (our clients want to know what you really think!). For Coupon offers, make sure you know exactly which product is being offered, and make your purchases as soon as possible to ensure you are able to redeem before the budget runs out! At that point, you can use the in app manual or automatic camera to take a picture of your receipt or to select an image from your camera gallery. After capturing the image you can select all of the available offers you want to redeem on the receipt, and then select "Upload". Your receipt is now pending approval in our system!

All of our offers have specific time frames that a receipt must fall within to be eligible for redemption. Both the date on the receipt and the date the receipt is uploaded must fall within the offer time frame given in the offer description.

Every offer is available in limited quantities, and after the offer has been fulfilled it will disappear from the Caddle platform. As an offer is nearing fulfillment, it will say “Not Many Left” at the bottom of the offer, but some of the offers are claimed very quickly, so it is important to check Caddle frequently for offer availability. An offer may reappear on the platform if some of the uploads submitted have been declined and the budget gets a 'boost'!

For almost all offers, unless otherwise stipulated, our offers can be redeemed at any store in Canada! To get your Cash Back Credits, simply select the ‘Upload Receipt’ or ‘Upload Image’ buttons to upload your receipt and/or image. You can shop anywhere in Canada – we just need the receipt to validate your purchases.

All of our offers are available in limited quantities. After an offer has been fulfilled (fully redeemed), it will disappear from the platform. Although an offer time frame may span for a week, many of our offers are fully claimed before the time frame ends.

For our Rebate / Coupon offers, each campaign is a bit different. Some offers are only able to be redeemed once for the duration of the campaign, or once per week, while others may be able to be redeemed more than once per time frame.

For any other offer type - Review, Survey, Email Sign-up - you may only redeem ONCE.

Upon clicking on any offer on the Caddle platform, it will bring you to a page detailing what the offer requires. Be sure to carefully read all of the Offer Details and Offer Timing to learn the offer requirements and offer restrictions to receive approval for the offer. It is also important to check out offer availability to get a sense of how limited an offer may be.

All Caddle offers have a limit of how many claims can be made, and upon taking the picture of a receipt, you will have the option to select the quantity you want to claim. If you don’t manually change the quantity, you will be automatically credited for 1, regardless of what is on the receipt. Help us help you by making sure to select the correct quantity.

***For any of the Buy 2 offers, please note that buying 2 of the items is equal to 1 claim and BOTH purchases MUST be on the same receipt***

Many of the offers/surveys on Caddle are offered to all of our Members, but some of them may be targeted at certain demographics. Caddle and its clients use data obtained from Daily Surveys or Screener surveys to determine the offers that would be most relevant to its Members, and those offers are targeted to the Members who meet the requirements.

This means that the date of purchase on your receipt does not match the time frame of the offer when your submission was made.

When uploads in our system are processed, we are checking that receipt images meet all offer requirements. We have tailored our decline responses to provide our members with more detail about what went wrong with their submission. Please make sure that you have subscribed to our emails, because we want to keep you in the loop about your submissions!

Here is a quick breakdown of a few of the most common reasons an upload will be declined -

BROKEN IMAGE LINK - this means that something went wrong during upload, and there is no visible receipt image (even though we know you uploaded one!)

ITEM NOT FOUND - this means that the correct product was not found on the receipt.

OUTSIDE OFFER TIME FRAME - this means that the receipt date does not match the offer time frame that it was uploaded to.

MISSING DATE - this means that there is no visible date on the receipt and we can't confirm that the purchase was made in the correct time frame (this is usually due to a receipt date being on the back of the receipt!)

BLURRY IMAGE - this happens sometimes when parts of the receipt are just a bit too out of focus and we can't read the relevant details.

We try to review and process all uploads in our system within 72 hours BUT we are only human and when we experience high volumes of submissions, we can fall behind.

If you're concerned whether your upload did come through to our system, simply check your Transaction History on your Account page! You will see a clock face if your upload is still waiting to be processed, and know that we will review your upload as soon as possible!

All receipts uploaded to Caddle must have retailer location information, receipt total, receipt date, and items purchased (most ESPECIALLY the item(s) on offer) clearly visible in order for them to be approved. This is how our processing system can verify that the receipts meet the offer requirements.

For the various grocery receipt offers, only receipts from the specific stores listed in the offer are available for redemption. We know that some of these stores may be owned by bigger corporations that own many grocery chains, but for the purpose of these offers, our clients are only looking for receipt data from the stores specifically listed in the offer. We make all requirements available to you in the Offer Details, so please read them carefully!

Some receipts may require more than one image to capture the full receipt, either because the receipt is long or double sided. Using Manual Mode on the in-app camera will allow you to take multiple photos of your receipt before uploading it. ***All receipts must be fully visible in a single submission***

You can update your address when you make your next cash out request.

Once you’ve completed $20.00 or more in Caddle activities, you can go to your account page, select ‘Cash Out’, and we’ll mail you a cheque!

If you’re already logged into your account on our website or in the app, you can change it on your account page. If you’ve forgotten your password, just click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page.

Currently, Caddle is available only in the true North, strong and free – Canada!

No, each person is permitted only one account. See for more details.

In order to check account balances, log into your Caddle account via the Caddle app or the Caddle website at Your current balance will be displayed at the top right hand corner of the app or on your Account page on the web.

If you have cashed out and your cheque is en route to your old address, we can reissue your cheque immediately if it is returned to us, or we can reissue your cheque once it becomes stale dated (3 months from the date it was originally issued).

If your cheque is not delivered within FOUR (4) weeks of your cash out being approved, then please contact us and we will be happy to investigate. The date your cash out was approved is visible in your transaction list, and you will also have a Caddle email from us confirming its approval, so use that date as your reference!

Don't fret! Typically, if your cheque did not arrive, it was probably returned to us. In that case, we are able to immediately reissue your cheque. If it was not returned, that's ok! We can also reissue your cheque, but we must wait for the original cheque to become stale dated and this occurs 3 months from the date of issue. Once we establish that your cheque is missing, we'll add your cheque to that reissue list and it will automatically be sent back out on the 3 month mark!

From the moment you make your cash out request, it can take up to SIXTY (60) days to receive your Caddle cheque (but usually it comes more quickly!). It can take up to TWO (2) weeks to complete our internal processing, and from there, it may take up to FOUR (4) weeks to arrive in the mail.

Upon receiving confirmation that an upload was approved, it may still take up to 24 hours for the credit to be applied to your account.

We often have offers on the platform that are available exclusively from Amazon, but online orders are a bit tricky because we must see that the order has been delivered before you make your submission. Luckily, your Order Details (which you can find when you sign into your Amazon account and check your Order History) will clearly show confirmed Delivery Details and we need our members to upload images that show the correct product has been purchased AND delivered in the screenshots uploaded to Amazon offers.

Members in the same household are allowed to have their own account, as long as they are operated by each individual member. It is also important to remember that the same receipt cannot be uploaded to an offer on more than one account without being flagged and declined for being a duplicate.

Members may only submit reviews after trying/tasting/using the product!

Our Review collection campaigns begin with a Rebate/Coupon offer. Once your upload is validated and approved, you will be targeted to a follow up Review offer. We ALWAYS stagger the release of these campaigns so that each member has the opportunity to try or use the product they've purchased, so that feedback is legitimate and useful to our clients.

Please DO NOT submit Reviews for products if you have not tried or used the product.

Your privacy is important to us, and we know it's important to you!

We'll always notify you of policy changes and updates, but it's always good to check out our FULL Privacy Policy to stay in the know!